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Instant, unlimited and seamless Push-to-Talk, exclusive to KELCOM Radio.

Your team uses many devices across different networks. Unify your workforce – no matter what device they use.
Stay connected anywhere across the world. *
Download the TURBO TALK app FREE for your Apple or Android device and instantly transform it into a push-to-talk device.*

Connect to Anyone

 Connect to colleagues you do business with across the world:

• Group calls
• Private calls
• GPS location tracking
• Integration with two-way radios on KELCOM’s TURBO CONNECT network

Multiple Devices

The TURBO TALK app lets you seamlessly talk between:

• Smartphones
• Tablets
• Two-way radios
• Dispatch consoles

• Desktop computers

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*Wi-Fi and/or cellular data signal is necessary for proper functionality on smartphones and tablets.

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