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We are devoted to helping you deliver the most coverage, the right equipment and exceptional support when and where you need it. We focus on all elements of wireless, including VoiceData and Broadband for on-site and wide-area applications.


Instant, unlimited and seamless Push-to-Talk, exclusive to KELCOM Radio.

Your team uses many devices across different networks. Unify your workforce – no matter what device they use.

Get the TURBO TALK app for your smartphone and instantly turn your device into a Push-to-Talk device. Simply push to talk from your smartphone to a radio and vice versa. For seamless operation and convergence, the TURBO TALK app also works on tablets and computers. You can even be heard outside of your radio coverage area as long as you have cellular or Wi-Fi signal.

Stay connected anywhere across the world.*
Download the TURBO TALK app FREE for your Apple or Android device and instantly transform it into a push-to-talk device.*

Track your workforce with our TURBO TRACK GPS Vehicle Tracking System. TURBO TRACK features both in-building and outdoor location tracking, so you know where everyone is at all times.

When you need clear, seamless and reliable communication, trust KELCOM Radio Solutions.

Connect to Anyone

• Connect to colleagues you do business with across the world
• Group calls
• Private calls
• GPS location tracking
• Integration with two-way radios on KELCOM’s TURBO CONNECT network

Multiple Devices

The TURBO TALK app lets you seamlessly talk between:
• Smartphones
• Tablets
• Two-way radios
• Dispatch consoles

10 Reasons To Choose
KELCOM Radio Solutions:

We offer seamless all-in-one enterprise solutions.

Our professionally-trained Service Technicians that are always on-call to help design, install and support your communications network.

Get Compliant Frequency Licencing. We have P25 compliant systems for mission critical industries.

Decades of experience. We have the highest level of product specialization and knowledge with exceptional pre- and post-sales service for nearly 50 years.

We keep customers connected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Our TURBO CONNECT Wide Area Digital Two-Way Radio Network offers supreme coverage across Southwestern and Central Ontario so that you can conveniently keep track of your workforce no matter where they are.

Our smart phone integration allows you to communicate with your fleet from anywhere.

We are a certified systems solution provider of GPS enhancement technologies to improve and expedite your AVL applications.

We are a Motorola Platinum Channel Partner.

We are a Zebra Technologies Platinum Partner.

Get Connected with KELCOM Radio Solutions

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