Social Distancing
for the Workplace
Made Easy

Wireless Call Boxes / Intercoms

Instant Emergency Push-to-Talk Communications

Social Distancing is much easier to maintain in the workplace when you incorporate plug-and-play Wireless Call Boxes / Intercoms. These call boxes / intercoms are heavy duty, water resistant and have a push-to-talk button.

They can work as a standalone solution between 2 or more units and have a two-way radio built inside, which can be pre-programmed by KELCOM Radio Solutions to talk to your existing two-way radios and even overhead paging systems.

Wireless Call Button / Intercom

Easy Assist EA200-HD-PTT

Alert Tech

Ritron RQX-417DMR-XT 

Heavy-Duty Wireless Call Box / Intercom

DMR Callbox

Ritron RQX Q-Series 

Wireless Callboxes / Intercoms

Q-Series Callbox

Kelcom Windsor: 519-250-9100

Kelcom Toronto: 905-761-6070

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