Total Recall Two-Way Radio Supervisory Adaptor – RSA-U5

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The Total Recall Two-Way Radio Supervisory Adaptor RSA-U5RSA-U5 is used to connect voice logging recorders to two-way radios that do not have an output for recorders, such as a mobile radio that is used as a base station. Radios with wired connections for remote control (tone, DC, or local) can usually be directly connected to most recorders and do not require the Total Recall Two-Way Radio Supervisory Adaptor RSA-U5.
Since connections must be made inside of the radio, it should only be installed by a radio service technician that is qualified to service the radio.


► Adjustable gain amplifiers allow you to independently match transmit and receive audio levels for optimum recordings.

► Switch selectable mixing of receive and transmit audio at all times or transmit audio that is only present with active PTT.

► Optically isolated DC sensing mutes the transmitter microphone audio when the radio is not transmitting (push-to-talk is not active).

► Includes 110vAC power supply, eighteen inch input cables for radio connections and an RJ-11 modular audio output jack.

► Red LED to indicate PTT (Push To Talk) activity. Green Power LED.